I would like to inform all members that Cedric and I, along with input form many members, have decided to CANCEL the rally this year. This has been a hard decision but we feel that it is one that has to be made. Even though the rally is many weeks off, the unknown of the pandemics impact, along with the amount of work needed to be done now and the money that has to be spent, it just doesn’t make sense to continue with this years rally.

I would like to thank those who have already put in a lot of work already and those members who reached out and gave their opinions and thoughts of the current situation. Everyone wants to have the rally but understands the serious situation we are in.

Let’s look forward and hope for a early outcome to this situation and possibly having a good riding season with maybe some great club activities down the road.

Refunds for those who’ve paid for the rally will be going out ASAP. Refunds will be done via PayPal credit card processing if that’s how you did your payment. Checks will be sent back or refunds from the club done if the checks have all ready been processed.

Stay safe and keep riding, its one of the few things the government haven’t cancelled!