I think it’s safe to say at this point that we’re headed for riding season. Of course, some people are already out on the road while the snow is rapidly melting. Go for it, if you can!

As I was browsing incoming links to our site, I came across a reference from RideMaine.net. I’ve been there before and browsed around a bit. Ride Maine is a published guide by Maine motorcycle enthusiasts that is all about riding in Maine. It is designed for motorcyclists in Maine, New England, and around the world. They’ve done a great job of revealing a lot of useful information about riding in Maine and all about what Maine has to offer. Ride Maine also has a good listing of events scheduled for the year.

The current issue was published in 2012. Ride Maine editors and publishers are working on the 2013 edition now and I expect it will be published in the near future. I have contacted Ride Maine and as soon as I have a publish date or an announcement that it has been published, I’ll post an update here.

For now, take a look at Ride Maine 2012 and look over the rest of the RideMaine.net site.

And… Keep The Shiny Side UP!