So the meeting is on for this coming Saturday, August 1st. We had a couple of “possible” sites for a meeting that a few of us were trying to put together. But, being so late in the month, I figured we would save them for the next couple of months and give everyone time to plan their schedule for them. We hope to have a Brunch/Lunch meeting in September. This may be a longer ride for some and a shorter one for others. Its an outdoor covered site that will work well for us. (Thanks Mike). We also have an apple orchard site to use that will be fun and very picturesque. (thanks Bob).

Let me digress to this months meeting. It’s again, at the Topsham Fair Mall only lets try to get a space near Smitty’s Cinema parking area. Its just down to the right if you are looking at the Fairground Cafe. The parking area started to get a little “to crowded” towards the end of the meeting in June. This move a little ways down should work better for us. I’m relying on the “early bird arrivals” to pick the perfect spot.

Same time as always, 8:30 for coffee and socializing, 9:00 for the meeting. Don’t forget to bring what you want to eat and drink and if possible something for others if you can. Remember to space yourself out, (use the parking line as a guide) and mask up if you feel the need or want to get up close and personal.

Let’s stay safe and be careful. Hope to see you all there!