Bill Mayer Saddles - R1200GS LC custom seatBill Mayer Saddles just published a press release announcing the availability of their new aftermarket seats, including seat pan, for the new BMW R1200GS LC (Liquid Cooled).   With the seat pan, the bike owner won’t have to send in their own seat for modification.   This is just the beginning of a roll‐out of a full line of complete  aftermarket seats.

There is a fairly lengthy form to complete when you order your seat.  More details on this can be found on the web site.  You will get your seat built according to the ride specifications you provide when you order your seat.  The foam density and final shape will be custom made to fit YOU.  Bill Mayer uses a variety of foams to build the seat, based on your requirements.

One of the nicer aspects to the availability of the seat pans is you won’t have to remove your OEM seat and send it in, you’ll get it sooner and be able  to keep your OEM seat.

Watch for the Bill Mayer Saddles first offerings in late January!