If you’re from New England, particularly Maine or New Hampshire, then you’ve likely heard about the annual motorcycle ride up the Mount Washington auto road.  This has been an annual event for many years.  Maybe you’ve even been part of the annual ride or just taken your ride up the road to the top of our famed peak.

If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll have two special chances to do so this year.  The Mount Washington auto road will be open strictly for motorcycles on two special days in June this year.  Billed as the Ride To The Sky, the road is closed to all auto traffic on Monday, June 11th and Thursday, June 13th.  Aside from the Mount Washington tour vans, traffic will be restricted to motorcycles only.

Visit the Ride to the Sky page on the Mount Washington Auto Road site.  If you do plan to do one of these days, or both, give a shout on the RSM Facebook page to meet up with other club members.

See you on the road!